“I had the joy of watching ‘Victor’ and was moved by the story of God’s grace in this family’s life- this is the transforming power of the Gospel! This film will inspire you, revive your faith, and compel you to share the life-changing message of Jesus far and wide!”

Kevin Palau

President, the Luis Palau Association

“In a time when the youth of our nation are increasingly subjected to the hopelessness of being told that there is no God, I am so thankful for stories like that of Victor Torres. His story proves the existence of a divine and all-powerful life-giving Savior. What this movie wonderfully and compellingly captivates is the reality for what Jesus once said: ‘You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ It is masterfully done and should be shown everywhere. It is my personal hope that every young person in New York City will have a chance to see it. As much as I can, I will do my part to see that happen at Times Square Church.”

Carter Conlon

Senior Pastor, Times Square Church, New York City

“I am more than blessed to endorse and encourage you to watch a life changing film. There are movies that entertain and then there are movies that inspire, and then there are movies that literally have the potential of changing a life. ‘Victor’ is one of those, a story that is the quintessential narrative of the ‘pit to the palace’ to the redemptive work of Christ. What happens when a man has an authentic encounter now with religion but with the Grace of Jesus Christ? The story of Victor speaks not just to a generation back in the fifties and sixties, it speaks to the reality of today. In Chicago and Baltimore, Los Angeles and Dallas, Miami and New York City, we have gang-ridden neighborhoods.  More than ever, we need to see Victor because this film says that every single time that light stands next to darkness, light always wins.  I encourage you to tell someone. It’s the sort of film that you can’t watch alone. Go on social media, make noise, tell everyone that you know there is a film that can change someone’s life. ‘Victor’ is that film. Many Blessings.”

Samuel Rodriguez

Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center, President of The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

“Son of Evil Street” is a classic Christian book that has influenced countless lives for Christ. Victor Torres is an excellent minister of the word of God. He is a living miracle that confirms the power of the Holy Spirit in the world today. I recommend this book for those who need hope and spiritual encounter with God in his life.”

Jim Cymbala

Senior Pastor, The Brooklyn Tabernacle

“Riveting! Powerful! A message of HOPE that every family in America needs to experience.”

Dr. Fernando Cabrera

City Councilman - Bronx, New York

“Profound display of the power of healing. The movie was excellent. It was inspiring and very impacting!” 

Bishop Raymond Rivera

Latino Pastoral Action Center