Film Review: 'Victor'

Written by: Kelly Meade (3/23/2017) While we all experience highs & lows in our lives and in our faith, there are those who face a struggle that has the potential to consume every bit of their humanity and tries to claim their souls. At times it feels like

Victor: Up From the Streets

Victor Torres was ensnared in gangs, drugs, and violence before the grace of God broke through, transforming him into a preacher, teacher, and advocate for those fighting addiction. In the 1960s, Victor Torres grew up in the shadow of Brooklyn, New...

Victor Doesn't Triumph but Still Stands Tall

While this story of one man's journey through violence and drug addiction can be a bit melodramatic at times, it still delivers a moving testimony on the power of prayer and the beauty of redemption. 3 out of 5. Based on true events, follows the life of migrant teenager Victor Torres after moving to New York in 1961.


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