Share with your community the inspiring true story of a young man’s path to finding faith to overcome impossible odds by hosting a screening of VICTOR.

We have partnered with Gathr Films to allow individuals like you the opportunity to host screenings in movie theaters across the country.



What You Need to Know About Becoming a Theater Captain:

  • It takes about five minutes and costs nothing – simply choose your theater, date and time!
  • It’s a unique opportunity to bring a special, God-honoring film event to your community and experience it with them.
  • Turn your screening into an event! Consider having a discussion or Q&A after the film with the community
  • There will be no “previews” with material that is inappropriate for families.

Once your Request Has Been Confirmed:

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Gathr (please respond to their email!), and one from us with a custom link to your screening to share with your friends and contacts.
  • A certain minimum number of tickets must be reserved (generally around 65), for your theater will “go live” or “tip.” This means your event is definitely happening.
  • If you don’t meet the ticket quota by the deadline, the event will simply be canceled and no one’s credit cards will be charged. No one will be liable for anything.
Click CAPTAIN A SCREENING and sign up to become a Movie Captain for Victor at your local movie theater.

Trying to purchase tickets to a screening near you?
1.Enter your city or zip code in the map to see the screenings in your area.

2.Click the dot on the map for the screening you want to attend and reserve your tickets today.

REMEMBER: With Theatrical On Demand® we can bring this powerful film wherever and whenever the demand exists. Victor will come to your city only if enough tickets are sold in advance. This means you can’t wait till the night of the showing to get your tickets—you have to get your tickets now if you want this film to come to your town.

Make your showing of VICTOR a special event for your church, your small group, your school trip, or an outreach event!

VICTOR is a special movie with a powerful message that is needed more than ever before!